Best Buy Award - Best Value for Money Certificate & Medal


There is no jury. There is no registration. Any company that is present on any market is a potential candidate and the winner of each respective category surveyed is decided upon by the consumer and the consumer only.

The Best Buy Award is therefore based on the knowledge and experience that consumers have of these products and services.

We believe the consumer knows best and is the most qualified to assess which businesses have the best price-quality ratio on the market.

This thorough quantitative research is carried out according to strict international standards.
Consumers evaluate and assess products and services giving them grades that ultimately determine which receive the Best Buy Award accolade.
The most basic of commodities such as milk, are addressed by regular citizens and researched by our organisation, ICERTIAS, rendering the respondents' feedback incredibly valuable.
Business products such as company mobile phones, likewise are assessed exclusively by business executives who use the same type of products.
The Best Buy Award is always based on an assessment by those who use the product or service being considered for the accolade. 

The Best Buy Award medal is a clear indicator that products and services meet strict quality standards while being reasonably priced


Be the best. Join the best. Join our exclusive, international affiliation of premier brands voted best in value for money by consumers.

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