Best Buy Award - Best Value for Money Certificate & Medal


The Best Buy Award medal is presented graphically as a blue, diamond-shaped square with "Best Buy Award" clearly highlighted in the middle and a check mark in the upper margin.

Only companies, products and services rated by consumers as having the best price–quality ratio in their respective categories can display the Best Buy Award medal.

The medal itself is organised around a blue Best Buy Award diamond-shaped square. Displayed on winning products and services, it features a circular arrangement of text known as the textual Best Buy Award aureola.
This element includes the year the Best Buy Award was issued along with the name of the company, product or service, and the territory in which it was conducted. A code in URL form is also displayed - this leads to the Best Buy Award - Digital Certificate website - unique to each category winner.
The Best Buy Award - Digital Certificate website includes information about the medal, the category it was awarded for, and what criteria it was issued under. Consumers can also find out when the research related to the award was conducted, who it was conducted by and the length of time the medal is valid for.

The Best Buy Award medal is a clear indicator that products and services meet strict quality standards while being reasonably priced


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