Best Buy Award - Best Value for Money Certificate & Medal


The Best Buy Award programme is based on research on a variety of market sectors. Products and services in economic, cultural, sociological, health, sports and entertainment segments are regularly assessed for eligibility.
  • The economic segment includes products and services such as consumer goods, footwear and apparel, food and beverages, vehicles, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and banking and telecommunication services.
  • The cultural segment focuses on the audience's experience and satisfaction with the price-quality ratio offered by theatres, opera houses, museums and books.
  • For the health segment, we measure the price-quality ratio of hospitals, polyclinics, and other health care providers in terms of patient satisfaction.
  • In the sports segment, the Best Buy Award is presented based on the satisfaction of spectators and supporters of sports matches, clubs and events.
  • In the entertainment segment, our research gauges the satisfaction and quality of experiences in terms of the price-quality ratio at cinemas, concert venues and other entertainment facilities.



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